What is a CatAWhack?

1.The cat scratch-sleep-play solution 2.The best tool for cat scratch redirecting, rewarding, reinforcing, and reconditioning 3.A 7 products-in-1 unit where every surface is a natural, safe “claws on” scratch surface 4. A purrferred outlet for healthy cat scratch practice 5. A designated purrsonalized space creation for feline family members with and without claws


Where did the word CatAWhack come from?
We were having a conversation with someone who was having a difficult time with her cat’s established scratch practice and she commented that she would like to give her cat a whack sometimes for scratching her furniture. Of course, she didn’t mean she was really going to…she was just frustrated and didn’t know what to do.

So we thought, “Why not create something called a ‘CatAWhack‘ that would provide a cat scratch redirection tool to frustrated humans that would discourage the Whack, encourage the Scratch, and keep them coming back?!”  It was our hope that the unusual word would draw the attention of those in need of help and become a catchy, easy to remember, and easy to find answer to anyone experiencing the effects of cat scratching on unwanted items and surfaces.

We also realized that an effective solution could result in a lot of PAWSITIVE outcomes:  help people develop an appreciation and understanding of feline behavior; lead to harmonious interactions between humans and felines sharing space; prevent the occurrence of declawing procedures; and provide a much needed personal space and communication outlet within the home environment where felines were able to express themselves and be all that they were created to be.

The slogan, “Don’t give your cat a whack for scratching…Absolutely NOT! Give a CatAWhack for scratching” soon followed and the creation process began.


How was the CatAWhack created?

The CatAWhack Crew held a POW-WOW-SCRATCH-NOW Meeting to determine what we could create to support fellow felines, empower peeps, and keep those claws intact. How could we make a difference? So we put on our thinking caps, huddled next to our scratching surface, and EUREKA!…The CatAWhack was born!

The CatAWhack Unit became the solution that we couldn’t stop meowing about!  An all natural scratch alternative that would elevate and uplift cats everywhere!  A 7 products in one unit (cat bed, tree, perch, scratching surface, enclosure, play station, and exercise unit) with built in pawsitive reinforcers that would encourage feline family members to establish healthy cat scratch practice in the area on and around the unit.

We’ve been very pawticular and quite purrfectionistic in our efforts to create a unit that will make you want to shout “This is pure purrfection!” when it arrives in your paws and you make that first scratch exclaiming, “THIS IS MINE, ALL MINE, BAW HA HA HA HA!”


What makes the CatAWhack Unit unique?

  • CatAWhack Crew Scratch Approved!  Inspired by discriminate purrspectives and pawticular purreferences, it endured the rigorous testing and quality assurance checks of three finicky feline inspectors of the CatAWhack Crew
  • Composed of all natural, organic, biodegradable materials obtained from sustainable resources using fair trade practices, it is great for the Earth, animals, and humans, and will appeal to even the most discriminate scratcher
  • Multiple products in one (cat tree, cat perch, cat bed, cat enclosure, cat scratching post, cat play station, cat exercise unit) create more value and bang for the buck
  • Multi-textured scratch surfaces they can’t wait to dig their claws into inspire feline family members to do the CatAWhack Scratch over and over again on designated “claws on” surfaces
  • Designated purrsonalized spaces fulfill multiple needs associated with feline health, well-being, and activities of daily living making natural recurrent scent placement a reinforcer for return visits and repeat purrformances


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